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I have a phobia of doctors. I'm shaking with unfounded fear, but on the outside trying to look norma

(2 letters Debbie wrote to her relatives)

Hello and Greetings to Chaya and James !!

Since it is so difficult to get in touch by phone I am writing, I wanted to thank you very very much for the Passover package you sent us. We enjoyed everything and especially the whole experience of going to the post office with the kids and taking out the package, and all the way up to the house to talk and guess what was inside, and the highlight - opening the package, cutting the threads, tearing the paper - what fun they had. And more from the content - you exaggerated this time with all the gifts, so really thank you very much !!

Right now I'm a little nervous, I'm writing and waiting in line to see the gynecologist. A routine visit, but as people sometimes have certain phobias from a height, or an elevator, etc., I have a phobia of doctors. I'm shaking with unfounded fear, but on the outside trying to look normal. Only for you I reveal ...

Besides, everything's fine with us. Batsheva and Nehama had measles before Pesach, but BH passed. Batsheva had a bit of a hard time - a strange thing because she got vaccinated - but now she's fine.

And more shocking news: She, Batsheva, fell 2 teeth, finally! She is almost eight years old and we started to make sure she stays with baby teeth !!

How did the holiday go for you? And how is the whole family (expanding).

everything is fine with us. Joseph (Joseph Schneider - Yasol, is a relative of Dina who remains the only remnant of his entire family, including his wife and children who perished in the Holocaust and he left for America before the gates closed) visits here frequently. He feels fine in principle, but since returning from abroad, he has felt lonely and depressed, I think of uncertainty about his future plans.

Yosef is thinking of moving to a nursing home - he claims that it is already difficult for him to take care of himself, but everyone opposes this idea and it makes him depressed. Now he waits until my parents come and together they decide what to do. They will arrive in early July - in two months.

In the meantime I have only heard from them once from Germany - but not an informative letter. They generally travel in the area and play with the grandchildren (Bryan, Dina's older brother, lived in Germany for a number of years and was in charge of programming the traffic lights there). Dad feels good - but he's a little annoying because he's in Germany. You understand, don't you?

Besides, children grow and develop. Maybe somehow find a way to visit (after the birth). It's harder now that Joseph has sold his car. [Oops! When will my turn come ?! ]

In the meantime all the best to you, and again thank you so much for thinking of us!

A warm greeting to everyone and goodbye,


Yasul Hi !!

First of all, I want to apologize for not calling before we left. I as usual tried several times at the library (Yasul worked as a bookbinder tore up at the University Library on Mount Hatzofim) and failed, and then we left so suddenly, so I decided to write to you right away ....

Do you remember holding Batsheva and she smiled? Today Batsheva laughed out loud, for the first time. She is so happy - and cute !! We feel good.

are you? I know you will not write back, and yet I will send it. And if you ever need to call, the number here is 067-22735, and then you ask Horowitz family.

You know what? When we were in Jerusalem, we bought home heating !! Finally. And thank you for all your help!

Greetings to Leah (his girlfriend)


Eli and Debbie

Slideshow of Yasul - can be flipped to the sides

A short part of a long letter to Debbie from the relatives Moshe and Shoshana from Ben Shemen - the part related to Yasul.


Joseph has not come to us for several months. Apparently the car is wrong and he does not repair it. So he told us, that he does not have enough money to maintain a car either. The main thing was that he found a nice girlfriend, Mrs. Ben David, 70. He could not find a younger one, he probably needed a mother very much, and found a good mother.

Joseph brought her to us many times, she is truly an intelligent woman, but I remember her husband being killed. They went up in convoys on Mount HaTzofim, Arabs then killed all the passengers of the bus and her husband was also there. So she's really old already. The main thing is that he is happy with her - no longer important.

Shoshana and Moshe - Ben Shemen



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