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I'm undecided whether to ask you. Is impudence on my part ...?

A letter written by Dina to her good friend Tzipora Weiss when the Weiss family still lived in Elon Moreh. Later they moved to Kiryat Arba

Hello and congratulations to Tzipora,

How you made me happy !! It warmed my heart to receive your letter. So refreshing and simple in fact, and at the same time, a manifestation of courage - you did not know how I would accept it and what I would think of this "ray" of sincerity - a pleasant, pleasant breeze. Thank you!

I'm glad you felt comfortable with us and our visit was more than just a formal act of 'cold' hospitality. It seems to me that for me too it was an extraordinary meeting - I too can be polite to you and stay behind a screen of corniness.

I really hesitated a bit with myself that the conversation flowed easily and was so fluid. The previous meeting between Eli and Arya may have contributed to this, but it does not actually explain itself - that if the husbands find a common language, then necessarily the women as well.

Mostly I think it's your hospitality atmosphere and you want, as you yourself suggested, not just to meet, but to "get to know" others, even though we have a common past and no common background.

So again, double thanks - for the hospitality itself and especially for the candor and breakthrough that is expressed in your letter.

And how are you? We're fine, except for flu and colds. I personally, even though we are already at the beginning of Hanukkah, still do not feel that I have organized with the beginning of the year. This is probably typical of me - it takes me a long time to get used to things and I am always haunted by a feeling of a little alienation, until I adapt to all things.

The feeling of disorganization is reflected in the disorganization in the field. I suffocate from laundry, or dishes, or cooking, or repairs, and I did not even make the transfer to winter clothes (Eli laughs and reminds me that winter is almost over and if I have not really finished in our closets ...)

It's not that I tweet about all this, on the contrary, I probably really appreciate and strive for order and especially it is important for me to feel "on the wave" and control every situation, so this feeling of "not exactly in pace" so bothers me, or ... because I finally Sits down to write a letter, so I take advantage of this medium to pour out my heart and make a mountain out of nothing. Do not know.

Do you play Are you reading Are you embroidering? I really wanted to play and study in an orderly fashion with a teacher this year (because I teach myself and after about seven years of teaching, I felt very burnt out and needed to learn on my own), but the familiar problem. Money, money ... so I reject.

I'm undecided whether to ask you. Is impudence on my part ...?

How about they have some music that I have for a flute and piano and I will send it to you, and in a completely uncommitted way and without any excessive expectations, but just between friends (and not "profession"), we will take each as a task, learn its part and meet once (with us probably because of the piano ), Maybe you will come and sit down and arrive already on Thursday evening, or Friday morning and we will have fun?

gall? Tell me your opinion and tell me what you do and how you spend your time (I already describe myself - but I mean more inside).

Excuse me for not being able to write and express clearly. I'll use the excuse of "newcomer."

All the best to you! And yours

Happy Hanukkah




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