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Prescription of Happiness: Always correct yourself and look good in the other.

Before the farewell to Rosh Hashanah

(Dina's musing on a draft page she started preparing for the students)

Lots of morals, fussing over deeds, awakening, repentance, soul-searching. Also what year awaits us, etc.

Standing before God naked and begging: "Sign for a long life all your allies" and even though we are stained and unworthy - ask you for mercy.

After all, it is known that God treats us the way we treat others, leads us as much as we behave ...

Happiness Prescription:

Always fix yourself and look good in the other.

Writing is a gift. It's also a bit important to pardon ourselves. It is very important to know our good points, it gives strength and encouragement and also with this weapon we know to use for good.

Happy New Year

Dina Horowitz

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