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Reflections of Rabbi Eli Horovitz after the murder of the girl Tirza Porat from Alon Moreh

Nablus is wearing a holiday. Along its beautiful boulevards, dozens of boys and girls gather to watch a convoy making its way slowly through the city streets. Their faces are full of contentment and jokes. Here and there a rolling, juicy laugh erupts.

The balconies are crowded with people, mothers and their children, old and old and everyone is smiling. Here a mother picks up her baby and points, where a boy raises his fingers with the letter V - victory. Yes the feeling of victory fills every heart. Allahu Akbar

What will the daughter of Ishmael rejoice over? Why do you rejoice with your head held high? Is it about a white rose that is picked without time? On a soft and delicate daughter of Israel based on imagery and blood in blood touched. Is the shedding of man so stirring your deaf hearts, lust for blood?

And Bat Zion, what will you mourn for? What will you shed like a stream of tears? Is it about the dear Tirza, an innocent flower, based on imagery? She did not spell it bad and did not invent malicious? On a stream of delicate, good life interrupted by a cruel hand? A public sacrifice ascended on the altar of the land of Ephraim. Our daughter is, the daughter of us all who lies among the rugs of the beautiful, hard earth.

Or maybe, an Arab girl, maybe you saw our army minister teaching a right about the riot village and looking for guilt in the young Israelis who travel to innocence (until only in parentheses and barely admitted that the rioters did not behave properly either). And we were encouraged, no doubt, when it was broadcast around the world that the heroes of Beta repulsed an attack by settlers who had come to massacre in a quiet and peaceful Arab settlement (so on the BBC and its reference in the style of our chief of staff). Or are you proud when you heard that the struggle against your rioting children was compared to the IDF's struggle against Syrian forces and organized and armed terrorists in Lebanon.

And you, Bat Zion, pour out the water of your heart when the hero of Israel appears as an astonished man and walks helplessly in the face of children's screams. And more, tooth insects as soldiers as females roam among an enraged crowd, sturdy oaks miraculous from a despicable mob.

Why would my sons disgrace the Israeli systems with a determined forehead? Why will our honor be humiliated and our confidence shaken by the masses of instigators who walk the mouths of our country?


And the cute, Tirza will be sown in the hard, beautiful soil of the land of Ephraim, and the private pain and public disgrace will intervene and merge.

The late Tirza Porat. Photo: Courtesy of the family. From Makor Rishon

To be a free people in our country. independence. And will arise from the crowd of our community to crumble our independence to invite foreign forces to intervene and subdue the people sitting in Zion. And they will rise to disintegrate our homeland and cut off parts of the living body of our land of life, and will pretend to turn the scourge of the spirit into a system, and will strive to lead the virtues of the peoples on its belly with shocks of apocalyptic threats and all expressions of weakness.

And now is the time to whisper, with the fruits of national weakness laid down based on imagery. but no. Your blood will also want to be enslaved, dear dear.

"The unusual events in the beta strengthen our determination to reach a political settlement through an international conference."

If the boys of Israel are attacked in the land of our ancestors by a lot of instigators - our decisive answer is to retreat, to fold - to prove to our enemy that violence pays off and that Israeli nationalism is like a bridal cloud and a flourishing dust.


But as we stand in front of the open, fresh grave, we will confess to the truth that the hour is the true hour, not only of these the pressure in the chest and the urgency of the heart increase. We stand with our heads bowed and hear the familiar words: 'To be cut off by wrongdoers. Death penalty for murderers. Destroy the beta. '

Our faces are flooded with tears and sweat and the old voices continue: 'Establish a new settlement. Increase settlement throughout Judea and Samaria. Not in words but in deeds. In action. In action. "

The words resonate in the hot air, the father, leaping from one green hill to the other and in the heart the words resonate in a jumble and the pain aches, and the exaltations do not exalt.

We must act vigorously and decisively against these predators. certainly. Should be added to the act of settlement without reluctance and without slackness. There is no doubt. And the feeling of suffocation is growing. And the breathing is heavy, hard. And deep deep in the heart, deeper than any clear thought, deep from the ability to express in an orderly saying, the cry of the soul is heard:

- This is not the way!

Not in shallow water will we quench the terrible, stinging thirst for depths. Not in dusty slogans will we bring a bandage to crush our scourge.

- A time to converge within our national self and find out, without prejudice, the essence of our public being. We did not create thunder, but to simplify the curvature of the heart. And this pure blood was not shed but to dissolve the superficiality of consciousness.


For thousands of years we have dreamed of you, soaked up our prayers in tears of longing. We have not drawn from our national memory paintings of the majesty and temple of the days of David and Solomon. We were then a great gentile, a respectable political power, sovereign over all the full breadth of our country. And with that, a wise and prudent people at the height of human culture.

And precisely in the miraculous blend of intense national life, full of unrest and interest, with a backbone of Gd's pure knowledge, clear faith and fresh morality - it is precisely in this blend that we have united. We united with each other and also influenced.

The vision of a state and a temple, of a king and a priest, that one man will say to the other, of a national life interspersed with grace and love of all people - this rare vision, shook the foundations of the pagan cultures of that time. The savagery of impurity of pagan fulfillment weakened. Tendencies of goodness and kindness have been renewed in humanity, to refine in some way the common innocence of the heart.

The aspiration of our ancestors to establish an entire nation that will walk in the way of God to do charity and justice, a nation whose pure divine morality will be heard, will be a light to all its paths - this aspiration, is the one that began to be fulfilled in that golden age.

And we stand proudly, when the armies of Israel rule from the river of Egypt to the river of detail, when the name of Israel evokes a groan of awe in the heart of the peoples of the world, when the national spirit within us resides in fresh resilience, Fast up a mountain. And the song is listened to, sometimes openly and sometimes in mysterious depths of the soul.

And new ideas emerge from the sounds of sounds: the demand to organize a social life in law and justice is spreading. The demand to bring healing to the sick and relief to the unfortunate and blessing to the lonely is growing. Gradually, the rays of light radiate the thick darkness that pervades the human family.

Although only one historical moment we have stood at the height of our situation, we have not been trained and the world has not been trained yet

At that time, to live such an ideal life regularly, and then in the rage of a cruel hand, we were deposed from royalty. The streets of Kiryat Ne'emanah were filled with rivers of blood, its temple was set on fire, our honor can be deceived. Our land was plundered and in iron chains we were led to foreign land.

Only a few notes of our supreme melody we have managed to play in the world, and they are the basis for all purity of spirit, for all human delicacy, for all the beautiful and illuminating in the cultures of the peoples. And this unfinished symphony, which flows life through what is in it, and evokes such a deep view of what has not yet been heard - is what requires its completion, and it has been lying unconscious, mute, for thousands of years.

Discover has a certificate. Without a doubt. For us inside and for everyone around us, the crucible that attaches from every sig, builds the unique and family purity within us and allows for the penetration of influence, even in devious ways to the nations of the world. And clarification is a profession in itself.

But we knew this faithfully, we would not sing the song of God on considerable ground. With thousands of handcuffs the voice was imprisoned and a deathly silence enveloped our crushed and collapsed crowd. On evenings in it we hung like our bulbs.

But we also knew this faithfully, we will not forget Jerusalem, we will not be able to forget it. Thousands of years of longing, longing to the point of exhaustion - for Zion, for Jerusalem, for the kingdom and for the Temple - are the content of the respite. They in their thin capitals connect the chief in the end, and we did not give up, nor did we compromise, nor did we complete ownership of our beloved land to the murderous Roman legions and Byzantine kings and the sword of Muhammad and Arab migration - different and strange troops and populations.

We did not give up our plundered land and it also did not give up and did not agree to lighten its face and give its fruits to a foreign people. And all her enemies shall be desolate.

Even the living contact with the wastelands of our land was not severed and holy communities clung, sometimes in the wind, sometimes in want of everything, in the holy cities - Tiberias, Safed, Hebron and Jerusalem.


Drops of blood, drops of tears, moisten the hard, beautiful earth of the land of Ephraim, and the hard, dark, softening and soft parrots of the heart, in the parrots of the heart, something softens secretly, secretly, in the depths. And in the eye of the night what a miraculous silence, and in the eye of the quiet a soft melody.


Generations, generations of similar descendants. Just crying the mysteries and wishing the souls. But really - nothing. Forgotten as a dead man from the heart of the genius of Israel. In the still grayish suffocation of the nations of the nations we ate our flesh and scattered ourselves, and the bones themselves, too, became piles of rot.

And who like your people Israel is one gentile in the land, with the wonders of the Divine Divine line within it. And the reinforcement of the Torah that Zion will come out and illuminate and sanctify all these to pages in the book of human history, in our consciousness and in the consciousness of the peoples, vanity, old, dusty pages.

And on the wires of the beacon of Judah, foreign cultures were built to repel the movement of ascension and purity. But not only our divine, moral uniqueness was forgotten, but the very form of our people, in our mental and material reality, became blurred until we were in our own eyes some community, a miserable herd seeking rest for its foot. And in the eyes of the peoples - crumbs of a dying culture. Like earth-reptiles they seemed, sitting in darkness and shadow, like winds, like dry, musty bones.


And in the depths of the beautiful, hard earth, the regs soften. And in the silent depths silent fermentation, elements disintegrating, softening and germinating seed. Tiny, solitary, striving for heights. Through bonfires, bonfires of darkness and obstacle, striving upwards, to warm light, to the glory of blossoming.

Blood drops, tear drops, revival tips.


Did these bones come to life? The stale dry bones.

Were the scattering crumbs fused into one division?

Whipped in our arteries, secondly, a stream of life to the nation?

Straightened up for the first time on our sprawling, collapsed spine?

Bat Zion, soft and gentle, he woke up from the coma of death that surrounded her?

And the song, the song of God, a song of a temple and a kingdom, a song of praise of a saved people, a song for all and a blessing for all, honesty as in ancient times?

And the voice comes from the heights of God:

"Behold, I bring a spirit of life upon you, and I will bring upon you sinews, and will bring up flesh upon you;

Little by little, little by little, through the tendons that connect bone to bone and we will know that we are one people and we will feel and know and be encouraged in our oneness. And through the flesh - a food of maggots and worms in lands considerable and full of fertile vitality on our return to our land. And through the skin - the glory of our reappearance in our government and our army, in our locality and in our agriculture.

"I gave you life and life." Through bonfires, bonfires of darkness and obstacle. Of hope and despair, of exaltation and melancholy of the soul - an ancient spirit, the supreme Holy Spirit, is appearing. And explore the plan of the spirit and the plan of its appearance we read.


What is a woman to a man and at the root of their being are one. And they should have appeared on the stage of the world alike, but this is the way of the world, and this is the supreme will, that they should appear in two bodies - and go through several cases and several adventures until they meet. And it was fitting that in their meeting they should say at the same time: 'It is a bone of myself and flesh and blood,' and they will feel the unity of the soul in the two bodies, but this is the way of the world and this is a supreme will.

The distress of loneliness and foreignness, or the longing for the permanence of the house, or her voice tonight and the appearance of pleasure, and later the sharing of life and the building of the house, sometimes in crisis, sometimes in peace.

They will dry up, the same first causes will crumble and their nothingness will be clearly revealed, then the foundations of the building will loosen and the weak of the mind will retreat, cancel anything - cancel love.

But the depths of life will deepen, digging from layer to layer to an abyss of love that is not dependent on anything. Love in pleasures.

And from this source of life will burst springs of light to illuminate retrospectively also the first causes and the truth will be revealed in escaping from foreignness, and the inner justice in the object of permanence of the house, and the beauty of a bride will shine sevenfold, even in the absence of youthful radiance. And her voice how pleasant will be from a nectar crane, even in the twilight of days.

And Gur Aryeh Yehuda, who returned from the land of Hemdat Avot, a holy gentile, said: And at the root of their being, a place whose eye is all shorter than the eye, they are one. The people and the land - the land and the people.

One simple being that connects tens of thousands of the people of the house of Israel in all their places, in all their generations with the whole land. With every regav and regev, from the desert and Lebanon, from the river Euphrates to the last sea.

But in the shadow of the reasons, the canopy will be held. To hide from the harasser, he stood up to answer with a stranger - "When we are robbed, robbed, robbed and vilified, how dare we defend ourselves."

Or wait for the liberation movements of the peoples of Europe and the Balkans - the shepherds of Serbia need national freedom and deserve political independence, and we Jews do not?

Or the charms of an ancient homeland: the warm, beautiful land - and the valley of the Sharon and the hill of frankincense, we would give them up, you would fall asleep.

And the inner life force will erupt and burst, rise and conquer even before the consciousness penetrates to the depths of its root. And the people of his land rejoiced in the joy of youth, even suffering and anguish.

We will establish a fighting force, armed with unknown heroism, and renew our pre-imperialism. Establish and be the State of Israel.

But in the long run. And the events, crises and hardships will weaken the awake and alive emotion and dry up a kind of opinion and the people will go bowed, the weak of the soul will cry out to strangers, and the worm of despair will begin to gnaw, exhaust, play ...


The days of swearing are over. The mourners get up and we all get up with them and the heavy grief is somewhat copied by getting up.

And from the depths, from the depths of the beautiful, hard earth, of the land of Ephraim, from the depths of the twisted souls of the tormented, longing nation, the cry of the demand is heard to rise, to rise, to stand up straight.

The saints of the idea and the deep thought will rise up and look for the more hidden sources of our being.

An original Hebrew literature will be resurrected and renewed, a new work in the light of which we will all go and be encouraged, all of us together.

And a power-rich spiritual resource will flood all parts of our sabra, and unite the rifts of the factions, and scatter itself in all the systems all - the state, the military, the locality. And the briefing of our souls, the courage and spirit of the heroes, the areas of God's power will prevail among us.

And more will be heard in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem, the voice of Sasson and the voice of joy, the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride. And another old God-song will be heard. And with created Yahalel YHWH.

Eli Horowitz


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