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The question is, for whom Remembrance Day?

Letter to Zvi Mama ahead of Rosh Hashanah

New Year's Eve 5733

Dear Zvi,

We are at the beginning of Remembrance Day (a nickname for Rosh Hashanah) a day when God remembers all our good and bad deeds and makes the account for a good and long life in God or God forbid God forbid and vice versa.

I will not waste you on things because I know you do not like to read and Torah in particular, and also because I know that you have a quick and sharp perception and do not need to say much in order for you to understand interest.

The question is, to whom is Remembrance Day? On the one hand, it is clear, as we have said, a day of remembrance for God because he remembers everything and is counted and counted, etc., but on the other hand, it is a day capable of activating our memory - the day of remembrance for us. That we will remember who we really are, what our destiny is, what our root is, to whom and why we belong ourselves, with whom and with what we identify, ..and in short, to remember what our desire is in general.

And because I know you as a person who knows very well what exactly he wants - you have strong willpower; And I also know you as a person who has the most developed memory I have ever seen (just a few minutes ago you still remember some shirt that broke down that day two years ago or something like that ..)

Because of all this I allow myself (wait - also because I am your mother in spite of everything!) To wish you that in these two days you will continue your wonderful work and constant progress and development, which will embrace all the willpower in you and all the wonderful memory ability in you for good, Amen!

May you have a happy and productive and successful year.

With much much love,


Letter of encouragement from Mama, after the IDF refused to allow Zvi to go on a short vacation in the United States, to a surprise party for his grandmother Mami.

For Zvi,

There was once a soldier named Zvi

Who wanted to go "free" for a while

Said the ICL

"You stay right were you are

Being in the IDF is not a private matter! "

'Just to rest and travel!

And make the family happy! '

'Change your mind

You are now serving all the people of Israel! "

Letter of encouragement from father and mother

For Zvi,

Our condolences.

All May Devid Rahmana Latv Abid.

It's hard to see it now, but things will still be as they were yesterday

And Tuesday and much much much more

On top of that

mom and dad

A note to Zvi visiting his rented apartment in Moshava Kinneret, months before he met Talya

Dear Zvi,

You have a lovely apartment in a lovely place and we had fun being with you here.

And I wish it would be a lovely start to a lovely time.

And of course the years are better than the one

And everything in its time and place

mom and dad



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