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Was very happy to feel the rugs of the earth crumbling in my hands again. Every ridge of sacred land

A letter from Eli to Dina from a time when he was at Garin Keshet in the Golan Heights. Dina stayed in Jerusalem at the end of her pregnancy with Batsheva Keshet.

Friday, 3 Sivan 5734

Hello Dina,

We arrived safely yesterday afternoon, after many delays due to roadblocks, etc. Oded (Wolanski) briefed us on the situation, and illustrated to us the importance of the operation and the importance of cooperation with the people of Merom Golan. He and Eli (Sadan) returned to Jerusalem this morning to hasten a permanent nuclear organization that would go up for settlement. Rabbi Zuckerman gave a lesson in lights in the evening.

I still have no real impression and in the meantime I will not send the letter until Sunday, at the earliest, so I will write later.

Now later, we went to work: obviously colored onions (tulips), we only worked for about an hour and a half and then the shelling began, which were admittedly very far from the field, but very careful here that there would be no disaster. We were taken back to the rainbow, and now I'm going to study.

I was very happy to feel the rugs of the ground crumbling in my hands again, it made me long for the days of my connection and attachment to this ground, soil very similar to the sick soil, and the landscape even more beautiful.

This afternoon, I learned an important lesson in lights from Rebbetzin Hanna Tao. Yehuda Harel comes here, secretary Marom Golan, who is the initiator of all the action here, a huge and very important person, all devoted to the love of the Land of Israel and its construction, but because the trend is not clear to him on the part of calling on the name of God - he is also a realist.

Yehuda Harel talked about strengthening Keshet, with a permanent nucleus that will go up for settlement, and until then, a strong nucleus from the Golan Heights and other places in the country ... - but he did not stop there, and went on to say that if he signed an agreement. In Hushnia, which is a few miles from here.

One of the members of Ramat Magshimim objected to this speech, trying to explain that there was nothing to talk about Phase B, but he did not speak forcefully, and there was an argument between him and Harel. R. Zuckerman was inclined all the time to Harel's words, for some reason, I do not understand him, and perhaps he did not exactly understand Harel.

Anyway, I sat down and almost exploded voluntarily to say things clearly and explicitly, but Oded told me before he left, not to talk and not to try to influence Harel, so I sat down and kept quiet.

Hannah (Tao) sat on the sidelines all the time picking rice, and in a complicated moment, a terrible sacrament arose and with all her might she shouted at Harel all the words of Ratzi and the Maharal, etc .: "We are sitting here because it is written in the Torah and not to preserve other settlements, The cowardly thought and contemplative skepticism, causes all the troubles and disruptions of politics - like a plank that is put on the abyss, "etc., etc., etc., etc.

Yehuda Harel tried to argue and explain that he should also take into account the abyss, but she really did not let him, and constantly shut his mouth from saying or expressing doubt, and told him that his point was to strengthen and increase our resilience.

This ended the yeshiva, and he was deeply influenced, speaking in praise of the yeshiva and the rabbi (Zvi Yehuda HaCohen Kook). Then, when she asked him which girl, where we would clear the bow when we were evacuated, he told her that the bow was here and there would be no evacuation.

Motzak - I tried to call you today without success. Shabbat was wonderful, the atmosphere uplifting, Eli Sadan and Hanan Porat and R. Zuckerman gave lessons. Kabbalat Shabbat we finished with an enthusiastic dance - from the Strait and the non-religious society also joined. There was a sense of great unity and brotherhood.

It is very difficult to study here, also because there is not so much time and no recollection and no quiet place, but I try. I studied a morality book of the Gra - Ibn Shlomo, and I began a human history. The Mishnahs suffer greatly.

Overall, there is a sense of importance and sacred greatness of erecting an arch. All of them - all kinds of people from all sorts of places who have, ostensibly, nothing in common, but that they are all from the people of Israel and all of them are associated with a tremendous love connection to their country. Gathering together in one trend - one heart.

There are religious and non-religious kibbutzim, just guys from the city, one Beitarist (Liberty) and a respectable and weighty group from the yeshiva. And one can see, more clearly, the revelation of the inner light of the Holy of Holies - the light of Christ. The light that reveals the unity of holiness and sand, matter and spirit in one division, which is all about the integrity of the Kingdom of Israel in the Greater Land of Israel.

The 12 tribes of Yahweh are arranged on their flags around - and the tabernacle in the middle of which is a tent of meeting that springs and spreads from the ark of the testimony that is not counted.

This is how Kibbutz Keshet is arranged, that the agricultural and organizational power comes from Merom Golan, Elrom, etc., and the inner urge that animates and strengthens everything, comes from the sacred source - mainly by Eli Sadan and Hanan Porat, and is attracted by the other yeshiva students.

For weeks, I do not know who will be able to give lessons, maybe Oded will return.

Well, I want to send it. I'll probably be back on Thursday, unless I announce otherwise.

Lots of love and longing


If you were here with me, I might have considered staying longer.

Evening of weeks

I did not send the letter on Friday. Yaakov (Lebanon) came up for Shavuot, and a few other guys from the yeshiva and was really wonderful. It is impossible to describe the exaltation of the spirit - the inner heroism that is increasing here.

Sometimes one listens to the news, to know if already the light created here is beginning to be revealed and illuminate the rest of the nation.

But the news - here! The renewal of the divine courage that comes from the Torah given by the mouth of heroism, and there is no courage but Torah, which is spreading over all the brave of the spirit who sit with them in the grace of the love of the land of our lives.

Every millimeter, every rug of sacred earth, is worth our imagination and our soul - all the news - the renewal of the certainty of our belonging.



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