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We are exceptional in our neighborhood ... and especially in the synagogue that even joining the min

A letter he wrote to my parents (who had been in America for a short time) during their stay in the ultra-Orthodox Paji neighborhood.

D. Adar 5741

In honor of Dad and Mom and Uri

We received your letter... It's hard to get an accurate picture of what's going on with you, what exactly you're doing, if it's nice to be with the Dicker family all the time, and so on. Uri did not write at all.

We have everything, BH, benign. Everyone is healthy, even comfort just a little chilled. She had a tooth. She gets up alone in bed and crawls like a missile (I actually have not heard of a crawling missile, but if there was, then she crawls like him). By the time you get back she will, of course, know how to walk, talk and maybe even read and write (just pattern, we do not want to click on it).

In the study and in the room (Talmud Torah Morasha) everything is excellent. The month of Tevet was difficult, but since Tu B'Shvat, things have been moving forward.

My class has entered a serious order of progress in the Pentateuch and in the chapters of the patriarchs and see fruits, manifestations of kindness and love of learning, really cute children.

Our children are also cute - happy in school and generally great. Only a local company is sorely lacking in them, and especially for deer this bothers.

Today we were in Kiryat Moshe (we went to the kiddush of the new daughter of the Zaini family) and spent the day with 3 families of friends and all kinds of friends we met on the way. The children were happy to be in the natural society that suited them. A real pleasure.

It didn't hurt us either. You can get used to and get vaccinated for the situation that we are unusual in our neighborhood (PAJ, an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in Ramot Eshkol in Jerusalem, of Hungarians who speak almost exclusively Yiddish), like some monkeys in a zoo, and especially in the synagogue to join the minyan. Friends and acquaintances and the pleasant feeling of "sitting inside my people" is renewed, so Aglai Milta retrospectively, that under all the so-called habituation and adaptation to the abnormal situation in the neighborhood, there are many tensions and distresses that are not expressed, but certainly exist.

Anyway, we all enjoyed the day, which is also very very warm and beautiful compared to most of the last days that are, Monday, terrible - extreme cold and heavy rains, freezing winds, hail, lightning, thunder, etc., etc. - a very blessed winter.

I told Zvi that the trees sing when it rains, they are so happy to grow and bear fruit, etc., and now Zvi tries to get close to any wet tree to try to hear what he is singing.

You have a greeting from two of your rabbis - Lebanon and another person whose name I forgot, who studied at a yeshiva one day and knew me.

Ari was a little sick. Virus, not something serious, and now feels much better. Shabbat probably goes to Kiryat Shmona.

David really is not so happy, it is difficult to get clear things out of him and it is difficult to know what exactly is going on with him. What is clear is that it is very positive and important if you were to write him encouraging and referential letters.

Toby feels fine. Slowly, patience.

I have to finish now for two reasons - tomorrow someone is going to America. B. I'm devastated and I'm literally falling asleep in my place.

with love



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