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You told me not to tell this to Dina because she would probably be sad to hear that the tree had fal

Rabbi Mishael Rubin

R.M. at the Shavei Hebron Yeshiva

Rabbi Eli We learned a lot together, hours of joint study, we studied life theory together and I never learned how to eulogize you, how to eulogize you and I did not learn to eulogize at all.

During difficult times of terrorist attacks I would ask you in the morning: how can we move forward. And always with the characteristic smile you would say: continue and hurt with the people of Israel, to grieve the great pain of the people of Israel. And today you are not with us, you are not with us to hurt the terrible pain.

The name takes the best, the best. So many people are dependent and connected to Rabbi Eli and Dina. The beit midrash here, beit midrash around the country and many families of male and female students who saw in you the figure in the God of knowledge. As soon as I heard the terrible news I saw before my eyes so many people connected with you, so many circles.

You have supported so many people.

The name wants you close, but what about us? We who are left without the majestic figures who have walked within us, how can we look up and move forward without you?

I do not deserve to say the obituary, I came today to say goodbye to a close friend, big brother, Max. I suddenly lost a friend, a friend, a living connection with Torah, a doctrine of life.

This morning when I entered the Yeshiva Hall I could not look left to your place, I did not want to see your books, the Gemara with the many enlightenments you recorded years ago studying with Rabbi Mordechai, the neat and cluttered binders from lessons you prepared. I could not look at the space created, I could only look to the right. I could not help but see you and the light of your face, your smile, your life!

Yesterday on Holy Saturday night I went to see the house, to see the corner where we studied.

The last time we learned it was in the snow, I came to you and told you that a big tree had fallen near your house, and then you told me not to tell Dina because she would probably be sad to hear that the tree had fallen. And we are now, weeping that we have fallen and uprooted two great and mighty trees, trees full of flowers, full of branches, full of fruits, full of humility and full of life.

I say goodbye to you in very great pain. May your soul be bundled in the bundle of life.


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