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My study in Chavruta with Shulamit is like with Chavruta in yeshiva. The logic of iron, a distinctly

I do not know if Shulamit says "I confess" every day, but the content of the prayer is evident in all its proceedings. Shulamit has a lot of special things: normality, health, joy of life, joy of creation, but the main line in Shulamit's character is the good serenity, the solid strength that lies within her.

I once told enthusiastically about the Exodus from Egypt and said: "..and when we left Egypt ..." Shulamit remarked: "I did not leave Egypt" and I replied "of course you left, we all went out together". Gently, so as not to contradict, she replied: "Then we all went out but I was probably small and I do not remember." An answer that combines the honesty and gentleness of a little girl.

When Shulamit was in compulsory kindergarten, the teacher was amazed and said, "I have never met such a peaceful girl. On the one hand, Shulamit is energetic, active and vibrant, and on the other hand, calm. '

Good faith comes in a pan during difficult times. When Shulamit was little and Dina would say something sad, Shulamit would fall asleep. When the time comes to sleep, Shulamit goes to bed no matter where she is: on the couch, on the floor, on the frozen sidewalk in Kings of Israel Square (Rabin Square) in the middle of a demonstration. There is a saying: the best pillow - a clear conscience.

The first of my children, Shulamit, who reminds me every day, "Dad, we haven't learned yet." My study in Chavruta with Shulamit is like with Chavruta in yeshiva. The logic of iron, a distinctly Lithuanian mind. We studied the book of 1 Samuel together and became acquainted with the personality of King David.

Shulamit, who grew up in Kiryat Arba during the Intifada years, is definitely a "Hebron girl" (see her roaring Hebron hymn at Jerusalem Central Station), she is an intifada girl. Shulamit was surprised to hear that there are places where stones are not thrown, she was amazed when she heard that stones are not thrown at vehicles in Tiberias.

There are funerals and consolations and days of tension and turmoil and at the center of it all - this peace of Shulamit, and hence - patience.

When we once bought clothes for Nehama, I asked Shulamit if she did not mind her not buying. Shulamit opened her eyes: 'But why? It will come to me sooner or later. ' A small hint ... Shulamit has the ability to see good sides even in distant parts of the people of Israel - a good eye.

She hears insult and does not respond

Once Shulamit came from school bruised and injured by one of the friends, the story really pissed me off and I had a hard time talking to my parents, etc., etc. Later I heard Shulamit call and speak words of reconciliation. When I asked her why she did not return it, Shulamit replied: 'But I do not hate her. True, she just beat me, but I want us to live in peace. '

Shulamit - as its name implies

Shulamit was not born on a special day (Rabbi Aryeh Levin's anniversary) and we did not know when she was born what to call her. Shulamit was born in a time of war and there is no vessel that returns a blessing as peace. And so her character has in Shulamit true inner peace, she has the ability to build a trait of inner coping, but without any nervousness.


Excerpts from Shulamit's Bat Mitzvah



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