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Renewed, my beautiful wife, and with you, all of us, will be renewed in a new light on Zion,

A dedication that Eli wrote to Dina in Rabbi Shlomo Aviner's book "Shir Hashirim Pirush"

14 Nissan 2004

To my pigeon on the rock ledge

What is beautiful and what is pleasant

Get up from the stairwell

The passing rain went to him

Try the shadows

Renew you beautiful wife

And with you all we will all be renewed

In a new light on a score

The light of the face of the Lord

Light of Life Theory

Light of love and kindness

And out of nebulous darkness

Shining rivers

Light of medicine and answer

A light of redemption and comfort

And we will all win all of us in general and in particular

Get rid of everything that needs to be released

Your uncle


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