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Suddenly it became a whole and living world and I was captivated by the magic of the melody and the

All my childhood was in the shadow of Dina, I got to learn to play music with her. Every week I would come to their house right after school with Nehama, we would come home and make us a rubber cottage cheese or pan cookies and Dina would laugh at herself, what kind of mother is she who is not like my Moroccan mother, who probably prepares delicious and invested food , Rather she prepares such simple American food. It was very noticeable that she kept laughing at herself.

Over the years I studied music with her, but sometimes I did not want to continue, I did not have the patience to practice and do everything necessary. My mother who really wanted me to continue, would tell Dina to seduce me, and Dina would take me to a rocking chair in the living room by the turntable and with these big headphones Dina would put me records and play me amazing musical pieces and we would talk about the story behind the piece. Suddenly it became a whole and living world and I was captivated by the magic of the melody and the story and the characters and the plot that comes out of the piece and I could not stop playing.

All my love for music and music and creation, accompanies me every day. It's all thanks to Dina, playing is a part of me in a very significant way thanks to Dina. I could easily stop and break. I have always looked at these tough Russian teachers who take out of their students a lot and everything is brilliant and perfect but there is no love for music, the love for music I got a country in a big way.

Over the years, I have been privileged to have Dina be my bridal instructor before the wedding. In the same way, in the aspect of the relationship, I was privileged to hear stories from her more closely. It was most special to see the gleam in her eyes, when she talked about Eli as if they were like a couple who are now engaged, that's how it was the gleam in her eyes, special on unusual levels. Something really special.

Sometimes Dina would lock herself in a classroom and make phone calls to America from there. It would sound like she was constantly thinking about the kids, that everyone was doing their troubles for her in turn. In the very, very long conversations she thought about what she was doing and how she was coping, how she was getting to the heart of that child who was at that time in some crisis.

Then there was the feeling of wow, that it was the subject of cows, the sacrifice, the love and the discourse that was very very dominant in the house, in a really very very significant way.

The Horowitz family had no pressure on the Fridays before Saturday, until twelve in the afternoon they stayed with their pajamas, everyone reading books in beds, then at twelve rushing in and until two finished preparing for Shabbat. They knew how to enjoy life, enjoy pajamas and read a book, or go for walks.

Reut Gur


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