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Wishes and congratulations and lots of love that have been poured over me and Dina on each other all

To my beloved daughter,

Good writing and signature

A good year, a year of "Shul Tshulu la", a year of help and encouragement to the distant ones approaching Zion and Jerusalem in the flight of the answer, the redemption, of She scattered Israel.

The year of the continued unification of the Holy Forces in the reduction of the soul of life, the light of Torah, in the mighty golem of Zionism, in the perfection of the royal stature of the Messiah son of David.

Out of the supreme devotion of Yitzchak's shofar, through the renewal of the work in the revelation of my soul as a Chinese shofar, we will have the upper mouth opening of calling a name in the shofar of Moshiach and there will be one God and one name. For the answer in advance we promised


19 Elul 5735

"I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me"

To Eli,

I saw the postcard you and I could not help but remember your wonderful flowers - a thousand times more beautiful than these !! (I'm sure you will agree).

You always think I do not appreciate flowers, but you are wrong. I really think I appreciate them better than you - the delicacy, the perfect beauty, the perfection, the color, the scent (well - maybe you appreciate - smells more the scent), but overall the flower - its femininity, its beauty, its desire to do good and add white Man, I understand and appreciate that.

Now you think I'm crazy, maybe - but Eli, I love you.


post Scriptum. I bought you a pen (?) - do not lose it (and do not blame me if you lose it!)

To my wife Yonati,

Thus saith the Lord, I have remembered the mercy of thy youth

The love of your brides

And by virtue of the constant recollection of highs and lows

We have come so far, we have blessed God

May there never be a desire to remember this truth, and peace be upon you

Among us, and we will be a vessel holding a blessing to our descendants and to the descendants of our descendants and to the entire Gentile

Roya glasses

So cheeky

Your loving husband

To my wife Yonati,

For one who has an attentive ear for all that hurts and all to suffer

May you have a listening ear to all the winners and all the warriors -

To the good and benevolent divine harmony

Which is heard in every generation.

And from generation to generation you have sat down for your deeds

from me

The lover


Light for a revolution

A reversal we mourned for Sasson

Our sadness for a good day

The madness of our souls returned and landed

speedily, in our days

And the root of the upheaval:

The enlightenment of the generation of tomorrow

And the root of light:

Deepening the wind rolling from sieges and hills

Thunders like the light of day

Whispers in secret

Explodes in thousands of fangs

Almost lost in the chaos

And from the slits she listens

Friends hear her voice

And it is the root of depth and it is the root of light

And to you my wife, an attentive ear and an understanding heart

And a mission of depth and light

From your cherished and loving husband,


To Eli,

... because I thought of you

This! I got out of it!

I know I was pretty disgusting - and shutting myself up - that's how I am sometimes, I'm trying more and more to understand the tendency to Isolation - Ism - part of it is nothing to understand, but part of it is definitely negative - escape.

I did not understand everything to the end - but I am in the process.

I found this greeting card - I identified with the frog (Slimy, Grumpy, bouncy ...) but also with a peek out of closure - and mostly I identified with the desire to smile again!


Your frog.

To my beloved wife,

So what if it's a little late and you've forgotten your birthday,

And many more things in the cauldron of our time of freedom, which has come and gone in renewal and storm

Ups and downs - and all in the blink of an eye.

Jerusalemites are asked why Israel did not say poetry on Tu B'Nissan

And respond that this is the beginning of redemption, and singing about its end is said.

And so about 21 days of this month for you and all ten things that happened on Nissan Street,

And the eleven that only we know - and to this day concludes and concludes

The main, from which a result of life and renewal for the whole year.

And I just wanted to say how much I thank you and admire you and appreciate all

Your physical and spiritual efforts, psychological and spiritual,

And all your talents, and all your melodies, and all your love, and all your madness, and all your laughter,

And even your tears.

And I wish you and us that we will know blessing and peace and happiness and calmness and Torah and awe, in all the embarrassment of his people he will be blessed.

Your husband who always loves and appreciates even more


J. Nissan 5733

You have no vessel that holds blessing but peace.

To my wife Yonati,

When you reach her mind, and her feminine balance,

Small gift, measure for measure,

In exchange for your ability to brush and polish the tool that holds a blessing,

Even if it sometimes costs dearly.

And let there be a desire that according to the size of the vessel and its purity, yes we will win, we and all our people

With the great and complete blessing of God.

Your loving husband

A. Nissan 5758

To our dear mother,

You've finally reached the level of what I am

And even if you get the day on you with a mop and a broom

You will know that man is permitted from all these

Blessed is the people who have calmed down

And mother in particular

In the unveiling

Yahel length on all of us

The loving family

To mother

May the jug of oil not be lacking

Between clearer, between less clear

And from his light we will be honored to respect the values of life

And holy, even those in which a man has licked his heels.

with love


29 Menachem Av 5769

Dear Eli,

You have arrived at the painful day

Which you probably quite dislike

But it's normal

Not a frustrating or false thing!

The timing here is very interesting

And for you it is suitable and characteristic

The so-called connection

Between holy and profane - between "freedom" and "yoke"

Seemingly he is disturbing and annoying

But who like you understands

That there is no contradiction of any kind here

Turns out the sand

Definitely can too

To suck from the gentle holiness

And while your spirit floated above

And your musings hover in space

Look at the painting

Wonderful from description (as a result of shaking)

That the sand in the oil (likened to the Torah) paved!

Love etc

I am

New Year's Eve 5771

In the cauldron of physical and spiritual preparations

In the storm of the winds

The entanglement of souls

The small and large mix

The sublime and the lowly

And out of tremendous anticipation for the day of the gathering

Rahmana survived the scattering of the soul

The mouthpiece that gathers thoughts and feelings

Gathering the prayers and longings

In the midst of all this, I found a light spot in me

Floating and rising, blooming and flying, of simple love.

Not complicated. Not complex. Not heavy and not fake.

Simply put - in "naturalness" - I'm crazy about you.

Why? So. There simply is not. This..

I am

Good writing and signature

R.H. Elul 5762

To the wife of our dear soldier,

Between comfort and answer

Dark lights

Mani melody

Standing on the birth order

On salvation and the Savior

And from the individual to the general

Who is like you, Israel, a people saved by God?

From your loving husband

The marvel from afar

I am

On the eve of R.H. Kislev 5763

To my beloved wife my beloved oasis,

I am full of admiration and appreciation for my efforts

Your flesh and spirit, for the wonderful Sabbath

And the wonderful son you raised, and in general,

Something small for meat

Something small for the spirit

For the wind - determine a track and path

Meat - ensure you arrive on time

From your loving husband always

And now more than ever

And always more than ever

Nissan 2004

To my pigeon on the rock ledge

What is beautiful and what is pleasant

Get up from the stairwell

The rain passed and went to him

Try the shadows

Renew you beautiful wife

And with you all we will all be renewed

In a new light on a score

The light of the face of the Lord

Light of Life Theory

Light of love and kindness

And out of nebulous darkness

Shining rivers

Light of medicine and answer

A light of redemption and comfort

And we will all win all of us in general and in particular

Get rid of everything that needs to be released

Your uncle



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